Witt Genealogy
The Decendents of Heinrich Witt and Caroline Meister

The following deed is recorded for Harris County Texas:

C. F. Duer to Heinrich Witt Deed
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The state of Texas County of Harris know all men by these present that I Christian F. Duer of the county of Harris in the State of Texas in consideration of five hundred & thirteen 50/100 dollars to me paid by Heinrich Witt of the same state and county have granted bargained sold & released & by these present do grant bargain sell & release unto the said Heinrich Witt the following described land & premises lying and being situated in the State aforesaid to wit One hundred & sixty six acres of land in Harris County lying south of a tract sold to me by Harry Gray commencing at said Grays North East corner Thence West 1058 varas(*) Thence South 885 varas Thence East 1085 varas Thence North 885 varas to the place of the Beginning also one tract of land lying in Montgomery County & containing forty acres North of a tract sold by me to Carl Jurgen commencing at said Jurgen N W corner Thence East with said Jurgens North boundry 564 1/2 vs Thence North 400 vs Thence West 564 1/2 vs Tehnce South 400 vs to the place of the Beginning being a portion of the Geo H. Bringhurst one third League survey of this tract of forty acres however I the said Duer reserve to myself all timber fit to saw logs -

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and the right to have the same off without hindrance or compensation Together with all & singular the rights members here did aments & appartaining To have & to hold all & sngular the premises above mentioned twith the said Heinrich Witt his heirs & assigns against every person whomsoever lawfully claiming or to claim the same or any part thereof Witness my hand at Rose Hill this 6th day of February A D 1867 Christian Duer. The State of Texas County of Harris Before me Sterling Fisher clerk of County Court of Harris County this day personally appeared Christian F. Duer of said County to me known who acknowledged the execution of the foregoing Instrument of writing for the purposes and consideration therein contained Witness my hand and official seal at my office in Houston February 11th A D 1867 Sterling Fisher clerk "seal" Recorded February 11th A D 1867 at 8 oclock am (The above was hand written with a change of handwriting starting at "The State of Texas County of Harris Before me...")

*varas, A Spanish-American measure of length corresponding to the English yard. In Texas the vara is accepted as equal to 33 1/3 English inches. (Webster's 20th Century Dictionary, Unabridged)


by Lessie Upchurch

In 1830, Christian and Mary S. Duer came from France to this western area, bringing several slave families with them. Duer established a trading post in the area. Indians who villaged behind the Rose Hill Lutheran school would trade with Mr. Duer meat for whiskey. Early abstacts record Phil C. Duer, heir of Mary S. and Christian Duer, procuring part of the Joseph House league, the land being situated in Waller and Harris county. Phil Duer was a Notary and Justice of the Peace for Waller County.