Witt Genealogy

The Decendents of Heinrich Witt
and Caroline Meister
"Albert Ernst Witt"

The following is a letter written by Albert Ernst Witt to his wife Henrietta (Schactrupp) Witt - 1916

Los Angeles, Calif.

Dear Sweet Darlings,

Received your letter yesterday. I did not answer because I have been trying my best to get deed fixed for you. I can't get it without Will* and he is very busy. He is in business for himself but hasn't said a word about giving me a job. I went out to Baker Iron Works again yesterday but they don't need anybody yet, but said things are getting better right along and that he would give me next chance. Things are about the same with me otherwise. The weather here is beautiful but I guess will rain again soon, the nights are very foggy. You often write short, but I guess dear you get disgusted, but I feel that way day in and day out, but I try and brace up as much as I can, better days will come and then we will appreciate them all the more. I have been going around quite a bit and asking for a job but haven't struck anything yet.

I sure would like to see our little boy, sweetheart, I guess I wouldn't know him at all. Just think he was a little baby when I left and couldn't say but a few words. I miss you both all the time. Dear I don't want to come back to Ho. I would much rather live here and I am doing everything I can to get a job so that you too can be here. I think we will be happier than ever before when once things are settled. We must do the best we can untill things are brighter.

I will try my best to get the deed fixed up for you tomorrow and will mail it just as soon as it is fixed. I think you better try and get rid of the place, it will never be anything but a bother anyway, and as for the future we have trust in the Lord for that.

Dear I really have no news but wanted to answer your letter. I have been feeling quite well only I of course worry a great deal.

It is 5:30 (Tuesday.) I will close and get me a cup of coffee and pc. of pie and mail this letter to you. So night night dear. With love and kisses to you both, I am as ever
Your loving Husband & Papa.

* This is probably William Schactrupp, Henrietta's brother. When Albert refers to the baby, this is Elbert Witt.