Witt Genealogy

The Decendents of Heinrich Witt
and Caroline Meister
"Albert Ernst Witt"

The following is a letter written by Albert Ernst Witt to his wife Henrietta (Schactrupp) Witt - 1915

Los Angeles, Calif. Oct. 29/15
Not Houston Texas--No ???

My Darling Dear:-

Your letter written Monday night just received and I was anxious and glad to hear from you. Now I am not going to mention anything about anything that has happened in the past, if you will do the same. We will render a verdict that we were both guilty and both not guilty (in our own minds.) And I will never as long as I live mention anything mean about what has happened if you will agree to do the same, will you Dear? Now sweetheart, you gave me one chance to decide what to do. You don't have to give me a whole chance I can decide in a very small part of a whole chance. I want my dear old girl and our darling boy to sell out, and come to the land of plenty and live life over again as it should be. Will you, hun. I know you will. Now how do you like that. Pretty nifty eh! kid. No, I don't feel good, but I am writing to you as though we were just married and you know how happy we were then. I want you to feel good and then perhaps things will come out fine. So much for that, now its settled. Now kiss me and everything is allright. I arrived in L.A. one week ago yesterday and I wrote you a few hours after I got here. Friday morning I rented a room at the Mountview Apartments (that dog! some name) for 2.50 per week. I have a real nice sunny room but a couple of nights I was cold, no bed partner. I am about 4 blocks from the heart of town up over a hill that's where this hotel (git me) gets its name from. I go to Spring Street for my meals, which average about 25c per meal. I have only been to a few places so far. I haven't even rode a street car or jitney so you can see I don't run around. Last Friday night I went to see a Prize fight and who should sit right close to me but old Charlie Chaplin with his leading lady. The place was full of moving picture people. I think about half of them were "movie" people. Charlie Chaplin is not very handsome and he really never smiles. Several times people around him would talk to him and he would "grin." Nearly all these actors are a tough looking bunch. Perhaps I didn't see the best ones. The other night I went to a Poultry ??? Lecture free. This didn't amount to much as it was given by a real estate firm, but I told them I wanted to buy some land and they gave me a free ticket to take an auto ride out to see the land. The only money I have blowed for amusement has been for a sight seeing trip to Venice and several other beaches for !.50. This was in an auto. You ask me what do I think of L.A. Well if you had asked me that several days ago I would have said--not so much. But since I went on the sight seeing trip, I would rather stay here and starve to death than live in Houston and be Jesse James. I really believe a person is a fool to stay in Texas if they can make a living in a place like this. We passed carnation fields, truck gardens, orange and lemon groves and went all thru Hollywood. This town is inhabited by nearly all moving picture people. We were shown the home of Mary Pickford and Blanche Ring. I may have a hard time getting a job here. I have been everywhere, nearly walked my fool self to death. One place that is just organizing offered me $100.00 per month to start with providing I would invest $100.00 in stock, but it looks too uncertain. I was to work 2 months for $100.00 and then be raised. The man said he couldn't promise anything but I would be treated just like they would as they all were to put in $100.00 and work 1 month to get things started they felt sure they had a good thing but couldn't promise anything so I haven't taken it yet and don't think I will. I am on the trail of another job in Pasadena but I will hardly hear from that before Monday. They will give preference to a person that has lived here everytime and that makes it pretty hard for a stranger. I also went to see an employment agency, if they get me a job I must pay them 30% of my first months salary after I receive it. I have investigated the jitney business and most automobile people tell you that you have to stick to it long hours to make it pay. I have several newspaper ads. I expect to see tomorrow. Now sugar (gollee moses) why don't you want to try poultry business. I think from a health and money standpoint it cannot be beat. Eggs are selling here today for 50c per dozen. I think a person renting a 10 or 20 acre ranch and raising the feed for the poultry can grow rich. Now you think it over. I am crazy about it. A 26 acre ranch close in was for rent the other day for $20.00 per mo. with a good 5 room bungalow. I really believe we could be contented and happy and above all healthy on such a proposition. Now take it seriously and let me know as soon as you can. I begins to get dark at 5 o'clock and as soon as it gets dark it also gets quite cool. I haven't worn my overcoat yet,--(here.) You wanted to know about Oscar. I met him in Omaha. He is stout and looks quite different from what he used to. His wife is also stout and looks somewhat like an italian. She is dark complected. She is very ordinary and like a country girl but not a bit bashful. She would remind you a great deal of Lena Chun, but more lively. Their little girl looks just exactly like the picture they sent us. She won't do a thing they tell her to do. She is noisy and cuts up all the time in a playful way. The town Oscar lives in looks like a fine town from the train. I had supper at Oscar's wife's sister. Her husband is a great big done and is a policeman but very nice and sociable. They treated me very nice. I can tell you about all these things when I see you which I hope will be soon. I will also tell you about dirty Chicago and St. Louis. Now Dear I don't know what else to write to you. I am awful tired and worn out as I have been walking a great deal today. Now sweetheart I will ask you to sell out our home anyway you see fit and come up here and lets live over again and profit by our mistakes. You said in one of your letters you would come if I wanted you too. So I want you too and want you bad. As the old dutchman said--I want a good wife bad--I think you will be able to sell the place allright. And we can decide what to do about the furniture later. It would cost $200.00 per car to ship it up here, but even there it may be the cheapest. Have you sole the Horse and Buggy? Have you had any callers for the place? What did they say? On what terms did you offer to sell it? Please let me know all this. You said perhaps I had a mustache. I did have, but snipped it off. Now little wife I love you and how much I would like to have you here now. That isn't neccessary is it dear. I never sent you the picture from Omaha because I never had opportunity to pack it. Perhaps I will hold it now untill you come. It is a long panel about 8"x20" with a bouquet of blue violets at the top and the verse is

"God Bless You"--
I seek in prayerful words, dear friend,
My hearts true wish to send you,
What you may know, that far ,or near,
My loving thoughts attend you,
I cannot find a truer word,
Nor fonder, to caress you,
Nor song, nor poem, I have heard,
Is sweeter, than God bless you,
"God bless you" so I've wished you all
Of brightness; life possesses
For can there any joy at all,
Be thine unless God blesses?

"God Bless You" so I breathe a charm,
Lest griefs dark night oppress you
For how can sorrow bring you harm,
If 'tis Gods way to bless you?

And so through all thy days
May sorrow touch you never,
But this alone "God bless thee friend"
Then art thou safe forever.

I have bought some little toys for "snookums" but they will hardly get there for his birthday. I will try hard to send them tomorrow if I don't get tangled up again looking for jobs. I bet he sure is sweet. I think of both of you allways and long for the time when we will see each other again. Now Dear I am going right to P.O. and mail this letter and I hope it will make you feel better and write to me at once as I will long to hear from you and write me everything. So bye bye Darling--with a thousand hugs and kisses for "my family." I am as ever
Your true, fond and loving Al

You said you would trust me if I was a good boy. I am so trust me dearest and I will not abuse that trust. Will you?
Address me
c/o The Mountview
Hope & 5th Sts.