Witt Genealogy

The Descendent of Heinrich Witt
and Caroline Meister

This is the beginning of a web site. It deals with the descendents of Heinrich Witt and Caroline (Meister) Witt who came to the Galveston, Texas in 1860 from West Prussia. At present, this site is not complete and may be hard to follow. I suggest that anyone interested in Witt genealogy, first read "Some Biographical Notes" by Arthur Repp (link below). I hope to add some sort of graphic representation of the family tree within the next few weeks.

To contact me, my email address is brwitt@earthlink.net.

Barry R. Witt, 12 May 2002

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Some Biographical Notes Concerning the Ancestors of Wilhelmina (Min) Witt-Repp by Arthur Repp
Albert Ernst Witt Letter to his wife - 10-29-15.
Albert Ernst Witt Letter to his wife - 2-8-16.
Albert Ernst Witt Family Time Line.


C. F. Duer to Heinrich Witt Deed
News accounts of the death of Tony Witt
News accounts of strikes at South Gate Aluminum and Magnesium Company (Glen Lewis Witt 7-52)
Brw research notes

Glen-L Marine Designs Web site of Boat Design company started by Glen L. Witt


Other Witts from Poland


Witt Genealogy

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