1. This is a fictional restaurant. I imagined that a restaurant owner asked me to make a website. I took the photos of the exterior of a local restaurant and changed its name on the awning. All of the food photos were lifted from the Net. If this were a real restaurant, I would take photos of real food, if the client did not already have them.

  2. Origninally I had formatted all pages using tables, but since I knew how to do this and was not so familar with div's, I changed the first-level pages to div's. The second-level pages (Recipes) are formatted using tables. For this application, tables are definitely a better choice. As of 6 Dec, the first level pages do not display properly. i.e. There is supposed to be a red border around the "wrapper". There are also some black areas intruding into the content. They are meant to look the same as the table (recipe) pages.
    1. The bgcolor of the page is #000000. The wrapper encloses all of the content and has a bgcolor of #660000. The header, left column and right column all have bgcolor of #660000. However, when there is a space below one of the columns or between them, black is the color that shows. Can't figure out why the black shows and not the bgcolor of the wrapper.

  3. I used two different ways to submit email addresses to subscribe to the WebLetter; one at first-level and one at second-level. If this were for-real, I would only use the one used on first-level pages. It is prettier and doesn't take up so much space.

  4. Maybe I should do an experiment.

  5. 8 December, 2:52 pm: Div layout problems solved. Required that leftCol and rightCol and wrapper have heights specified. The only way to determine these is by trial-and-error. If another line of text or a <br /> were added to a column, all these numbers would have to be re-figured... by trial-and-error. Another complication: I used three SSI's on each page. These will not display until posted on a service provider who accepts them. So adjusting for these must be done by posting, estimating additional height required, reposting, etc. Divs are NOT a good way to do this type of layout.
    1. One further note: This page did not require any of that... why? Maybe because it only has one column. Also, the other pages have a "rightCol div" and within that, a "content div". This page only has a "content div".
    2. One further note re. #5 above: The height adjustment had to be done on the "content div", not the rightCol... the one that "shows".