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Our Food Philosophy

The cuisine

At Vivaldi we are not wedded to a specific cuisine, more to an idea: Fresh local food, simply prepared. Although Italian is our primary inspiration, we find further inspiration in southern French, Spanish, Greek, Middle Eastern and North African cuisines.

Food is about more than feeding the body, don't think about nutrition, the latest fad... embrace a food culture that brings us together. Talk about food, enjoy the subtleties of flavors. Don't super-size, it should not be about quantity, feeling stuffed— learn when to stop. When you eat, sit, share with your family, take your time, enjoy. Relax in Vivaldi's quiet surroundings and enjoy the food. That's what eating is about.

We think of Vivaldi as an antidote to fast food. We hope you'll visit and give us a chance to show you what fine dining is about.

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