Specifications - notes

The following are notes, thoughts about what we are looking to in a design. Favorite house: Gamble House, Pasadena (but would prefer no exterior wood).

  • Square footage: 3,000 - 4,000.
  • 5 bedrooms
  • Large dining area
  • Large family room
  • Library
  • No living room (that's what family room is for).
  • Large main hall on second floor that serves as a sitting, reading, gathering room, away from "bustle" of downstairs.
  • Office
  • Downstairs storage room, 7' x 12'
  • We cook. Lots of counter space, island with second food preparation sink and possible small cooktop. Pantry.
  • Would like a basement, but this may be a budget buster.
  • Budget: $500,000 max, prefer less.
  • Exterior: Stone (real stone), minimum of wood. Prefer the house to have a "cottage" look as opposed to a "castle" look. Want the beauty of the house to be in its materials and design.
    • Would like covered balconies for each bedroom if possible.
    • Tall roof-line, with usable attic.
  • Interior: Plaster, wood paneling, stone. (no dry wall)
    • Radiused doors, natural wood. Width of interior doors: 3', with possible exception of closets/bathrooms.
    • All walls insulated, including interior walls.
    • Lots of light. No trees or shrubs to be planted to shade windows.
    • Lots of storage along hallways and elsewhere.
    • Want to be able to walk into any room and feel that the room is special, with no furniture or decorations. Could be window, view, how plaster is applied, wood paneling, quality of the light...

the House