We're pregnant!

18 October 2004

Kelli and I went in last week for a little peek and a poke. The Dr. was great and he said everything looks pretty swell. Kelli loved the fact that he called her petite over and over. She was very brave when it came time for the poke, much braver than I would have been. It was amazing seeing the little guy (size of a softball) moving around. I can already tell he has my hair.

Check'em out.

Baby at 16 weeks 1

Baby at 16 weeks 2

slade and kelli

7 September 2004

Olive's parents


The doctor says the "Olive" is about 2.5 inches and growing... We go in for another check-up in about two weeks to get another picture.

Right now we have a cupboard full of weird food and stop more often than not at McDonalds for a cheeseburger.

Kelli is due April 2nd... an Aries (fire sign).

I'm doing my best to gain some sympathy weight.

Love to everyone:)
Slade and kelli