Visits and Gus

Sis and her granddaughter Alissa came to visit along with Bob and Bev the following weekend. Alas, we didn't take a lot of photos but... here are a few. We spent time in the gorge and wine tasted at Edgefield. Bob and Bev only spent a short few days and we kicked it in the couv. Gus is a little pudge and smiles and blah, blah, blah... here's news about our new baby. Hank is working on potty training... at least at Teresa's. All eyes are on me at Prairie High... the new AP... coming from the elementary school. Kelli is back at the library with her principal in awe of our two kids. Good taste. We hope everyone is well and know that we don't often connect as we'd like but here's to the end of the summer and the beginning of cooler days and nights. When I think of Fall I think of Zinfandel. yum.

slade, kelli, hank, and Gus!

hop on the bus.