News and pics of Gus - AKA Strapping Young Man

30 May 2007

Hi there,

Here are the first few pics of the lil'guy. He was wonderful to see and has all the good nature of a little boy. He also has blondish hair which somehow makes me think he will be a surfer.

Kelli is doing great and they will be coming home tomorrow morning. There have been lots of visitors and we're glad to see everyone. Hank visited this morning and gave Gus a kiss goodbye... I'm most certain he doesn't think we are bringing him home to stay.

Of course, sleep is a little on the short side and we appreciate everyone's blessing. Family is great as well as friends.

I still can't get over how different he looks from the Hankster.

Hope everyone is doing well!

slade, kelli, hank, and gus!