Gus has arrived

29 May 2007

  • Born: 10:58 AM
  • Height: 20 1/4"
  • Weight: 7 lbs, 5 oz.

To: Anita Ham
Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2007 10:03 PM
Subject: Re: well?

Baby Gus... strapping young man... we don't have a lot of time right now, but know that all is well in our house and we are now outnumbering kelli, three boys to one:)

slade:), your grandson

Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2007 3:50 PM

Hi gramma,

We have yet to meet Gus Scott actually. We had dinner at Slade and Kelli's on Sunday night and left their house at around 8pm. As we were getting ready for bed, Slade called and Naiya and I went back to stay the night with Hank while Slade and Kelli went to the hospital. It turned out though that it wasn't really time. When I got there, Kelli's contractions had slowed and they decided to try to get some sleep. We stayed just in case but ended up going home the next morning. I think Slade and Kelli spent Monday running errands while Kelli was having mild or no contractions at all. They called again at 1:30am on Tuesday morning and Naiya and I drove over once more. This time they were out the door right when we got there and Slade said he drove 80mph the whole way to the hospital! I woke up around 6am and hadn't heard from them yet. Naiya, Hank and I just played and went for a walk and whatnot. I head from my mom around noon. She had talked to Slade already and told me they'd had a boy. Slade called a bit later (proud father) and told me a little about Gus' birth story. I knew that Kelli had wanted to have him naturally but because she was so exhausted from so little sleep and also, I think, because of a procedure she'd had done to keep the baby from coming too soon, she ended up having an epidural and pitocin to help the birth along because it was progressing quite slowly once they had gotten to the hospital.

Anyhow, Slade came home last night and Naiya and I had a regular nights sleep in our own beds (with no driving off in the dark). We're planning to go visit this afternoon or evening. Yesterday I think was just a bit too much activity at the hospital.

Right now though, Ryan and Matthew (our brother-in-law) are building a fence in our back yard. Because of Matthew's kind assistance, we don't want to just walk out in the middle of the project. Hopefully they'll finish soon and we'll get a chance to get to meet our newest family member. I hear he has blondish reddish fuzzy hair. I can't wait!

Naiya has started getting a bit mobile by rolling around on the floor. I think she'll be sitting up soon and maybe crawling within the month? I thought that last month though, so we'll just wait and see. Otherwise all is well here in the Pacific Northwest. Today it's in the 90's!! When our little one wakes up I think we'll sit in our little kiddy pool for a bit. Hope you are well and happy.

Much love, dionne nicole