Leaving Oak Street - 1

28 October
Less than two weeks ago we learned that the house needed to be fumigated. The real estate agent seemed to think we didn't need one because we had had an annual inspection and an inspection was not called for. Admiral said that no, that did not count for selling the house. They inspected, said it needed to be tented and that they couldn't do it before the first week in November... we planed to leave Saturday the 1st, after closing on the 31st of October. Admiral bent over backwards to get the fumigating done before closing.

The tent came off on Wednesday the 29th, but we couldn't get in until after noon Thursday. The mover was coming Friday and we still had a lot to pack. Finished at 11:00 PM.

31 October
Moving day. The movers arrived at 8:30 AM, backed into position and tore down an electrical line to the neighbors house. The driver was really upset... "those lines are supposed to be 14 feet high, minimum". Turned out that it was an old cable line that was no longer used. We rolled it up and put it at the base of the telephone pole. Our neighbor Sherri was very understanding (her husband is a mover), she called Edison to tell them about the downed line.