the path - 1

During the "rainy season" (about 7 months), the backyard becomes a swamp. Anke wanted a path to lead from the patio to the front gate and yard-waste receptacle. Last September, we went to the Portland Japanese Garden to look at paths. When the rain stopped in June it was time to start. In the end, the path evolved on it's own, nothing like I had imagined.

10 June

Cornelio (our gardener) removed the sod for our future path. I laid out the path and started to dig. The path would be laid on gravel for drainage.

Well, maybe the rains aren't completely over...

13 June

Although I took one pickup-truck load of soil to the local recycler, I still had a lot left. Plants grow better when planted in raised beds, so I decided to put up a retaining wall.