4th of July, 2007

Wednesday 4 July @ the Pond

This is the first attempt to make an intinerary


As is the tradition, this will be a pot luck. In the past everything was left to chance, since some people have asked for "suggestions..."

Everyone should bring drinks of choice.

Anke will bring all paper plates and plasticware... no one else need bring any.
Jeanne is bringing condiments: mayo, mustard, etc.

Will bring...

Jeanne: Super Pond Baked Ham
Erin: Carne asada
Gayle and John: Baked beans and broccoli salad
Gram-Super Green Bean Salad & Multi-grain Bread
Anke: Potato salad
Janet: Crunchy Chicken Salad and cookies
Julie/Jim: Summer Fruit Salad
Nan/Tony: Super Broccoli & Chicken Salad
Kim: Cup cakes