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11-4-07 Updated*

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Hello one and all,

We're back and settled in from our wonderful wedding weekend. What an incredible time we had in celebration of the love of our family and friends and of each other. We cannot say thank you enough to all of you who were able to join us and for the help that so many gave in order to make our event so beautiful and, really, so relaxed and easy. It was really important for us to just bring all of our family and friends together to get to know each other and to allow everyone to experience the extraordinary beauty of Camp Sherman and the Metolius River in the Fall. It is one of our favorite places and we couldn't have asked for more perfect days. It was also a joy to hear so many of you say how much you enjoyed meeting each funny, kind, entertaining, gracious and engaging everyone was. Even our caterer couldn't say enough about what nice guests we had! She said it was one of the loveliest weddings she'd experienced (and she attends a LOT of weddings)! It certainly wouldn't have been that way without all of you.

We'd like to once again say thank you to those who traveled from Southern California and Reno and dealt with rental cars and stopovers and all the difficulties of airline/airport craziness... for the great effort we know it took to be with us. Thanks too for all who helped us organize and cart alcohol and myriad supplies to and from Camp Sherman and Portland. Our gratitude goes out especially to Donna/Mom and Wayne for being our staging ground and for all their help in procuring the Hall, our guitarist, assistance in finding an officiant, for hosting hikes and breakfast and endless bits of planning and for all of their love and support. The same to Anke/Mom and Barry/Dad for numerous and car burdening last minute preparations, incredibly supportive dress shopping assistance and for hosting all manner of meals and chats by their warm and welcoming fire. The thanks we might enumerate for our folks could go on and on. We are so lucky to have such amazing role models. Also, without Aunt Nancy and the Grandmothers, we couldn't have had such pretty and perfect table settings. What help it was and how sweet was the afternoon you all sat together folding those complex napkins. And Kim, goodness gracious, without our late night decor session and your wonderfully meticulous nature, that hall would not have been as incredible as everyone kept saying it was. Thank you also to Erin for being so supportive with dionne's dress shopping, for your touching toast and for both you and Matthew hosting Friday's hike and for all your love and assistance with Naiya over the past year. Our great thanks to both Erin and Tom for comforting our daughter during the ceremony and for everyone who helped to corral, entertain and keep her feeling loved and cared for all weekend long. We could go on and not give enough thanks to each and every one of you. We had so many offers for help and so much support. Really, just having you all with us was the greatest joy. Ryan was saying it's too bad we can't get married again next year!

Happy 40th once again to Erin and Happy 70th to Wayne! Thank you for sharing your birthday weekend with our wedding extravaganza. We hope you had a few special moments of your own. It was a privilege to share your days with you.

As an aside, for those who asked about the salmon, click here.

To view wedding photos, go to Busch-Cava foto at: and click on "order prints", "Dionne & Ryan", password: DionneRyan.

We got some interesting pics from the disposables...weird, sweet, nice and all manner of crazy. We'll try to send highlights to my Barry/Dad. For all who aren't already checking us out, he has us on the family website a couple of times a month. The latest on our daughter is usually posted there and at the moment there is, of course, a whole section on the wedding. Go to: and click on "Next Generation", "dionne & Ryan" for updates.

Our warmest regards to all. Thank you, thank you a final time for sharing an amazing weekend with us.

Much love,
Ryan & dionne

8-1-07 Update

Hello all!

With our wedding fast approaching we thought we'd give a planning update. We have spoken with a few family members coming from out of state about travel to and events during the weekend. For those to whom we haven't spoken, here were our suggestions:

Regarding travel...
Camp Sherman is primarily accessible from two airports. The closest is Roberts Field - Redmond Municipal Airport (airport code: RDM) (16 miles north of Bend). It is small and, as far as I can tell, the major car rental companies are all available there with prior reservations. Our wedding site is about 42 miles / 1 hour from that airport. Taking that route would carry one through Bend and Sisters on the way to the lodge in Camp Sherman. There are non-stop flights on Alaska from LAX to RDM as well as flights with a stopover in Portland. For available flights from other California airports, you might want to check out your favorite e-ticket site (,,, etc.).

Alternatively, one could fly into Portland International Airport (airport code: PDX). The car rental companies are, likewise, available here (reservations suggested). This airport is 168 miles / 3 hours and 15 minutes from our wedding site. That drive would go through Portland, past Salem and over the Santiam Pass (which has a very minimal likelihood of snow in October).

If one's only option is flying to Redmond with a mandatory stopover in Portland, one might just choose to fly into and drive direct from Portland instead... what with an hour or so layover and multiple take-offs and landings... but select whichever convenience you prefer. From Redmond, of course, drive time is greatly diminished. If one is arriving Friday and departing Sunday, less driving might be preferable.

Regarding activities and the like...
Although most folks are, I think, only at the lodge on Friday and Saturday night, Ryan, Naiya and I are planning to be in Camp Sherman Wednesday the 10th through (at least) Monday the 15th. We're checking into the lodge on Thursday evening. (My mum & dad & Erin's family have cabin #18 reserved for themselves and #3 reserved for "Anita & party" from 10/12 3pm check-in through 10/15 10am check out…they said to note that dates can be changed…) We're planning some events throughout the weekend for everyone who wishes to partake. Of course, everyone is welcome to explore the area and do meals and whatnot on their own, but should you wish to join us, here is what we've planned so far:

  • For those coming early:
    Thursday the 11th: 6:00pm Poker night in Ryan and dionne's cabin (#17) with beer and nacho goodness (and kids playing on the floor)
  • Friday the 12th: 10:00am (Weather permitting) Hike up Black Butte (This is a moderate hike. Two miles long, 1600 ft elevation gain. I read a "hike report" of someone who did it with kids: 2 hours up and 30 minutes down. Go to: )
  • Most of you will arrive in time for: 5:00pm Birthday Party for Erin Witt in Anke and Barry's cabin (#18). Please join us even if you don't know dionne's brother. It's his 40th birthday and we'll be having a pasta feed and cake extravaganza.
  • Saturday the 13th: 10:00am Walk along the Metolius with a special surprise guide...?? (This is an easy stroll.)
    3:00pm It's our wedding of course! Social hour and drinks at 3:00. The ceremony begins at 4:00. The Community Hall is a very short walk (or an even shorter car ride) north up the road from the lodge.
  • Sunday the 14th: 9:00am Breakfast in an as yet unknown location
    6:00pm Post wedding bar-b-que at Ryan and dionne's cabin

As you can see, a number of meals are scheduled for all family and friends together. We're also bound to be having some impromptu ping pong tournaments and likely more poker and lots of chats by various fires. Note that all the cabins have stoves, ovens, coffee pots, refrigerators, cooking accoutrements, etc. For additional meals there are markets and restaurants in Sisters and Bend as well as a small store/coffee shop/sandwich counter in Camp Sherman. The lodge's restaurant will be closed in October but other venues within driving distance are available. See for previously posted information on the topic of food and activities.

Hope this update offers some assistance to those making travel plans. Feel free to call or write if you think we can help with any additional information and, of course, check the website for further updates and occasional new pictures of our adorable daughter!

We look forward to seeing everyone.
Much love to all,
dionne & Ryan


Hello again!

In addition to all the other excitement in our lives, we've also been discussing our wedding plans for next year! Yes indeed, we are getting married!!! (for those of you who wondered). We're looking at the second Saturday (10/13) in October of 2007. We've got a lovely lodge in Camp Sherman (150 miles/3 hours from Portland) on the beautiful Metolius River picked out for the ceremony and are looking at reserving cabins on the grounds there for those who wish to come (or it might be best if each family called to make reservations themselves). We'll have more information posted on the Rapples website soon but we're trying to get an idea of how many are interested in attending what will be a quiet two or three day gathering and wedding celebration in the lodge and surrounding area. (We'll be there Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.) Below is the lodge info:
13375 SW Forest Service Road 1419
Camp Sherman, OR 97730

Review of accommodations

The Lake Creek Lodge cabins get reserved almost a year in advance, so we're on a bit of a time crunch already (if you can believe that). If you're sure you would like to come, please call to reserve a cabin and also let us know you're coming. As we said, we'll post updates on the Rapples site to let you know how things are coming along. We understand it's a long way for many and those who can't make it will certainly be with us in spirit. We do hope you can join us though and we look forward to seeing you there.

Much love to all,
Ryan and dionne (and little Naiya too)

Reserved Cabins

Cabin 3. Anita and party
Cabin 4. Tim, Roshan, Nikki and friends
Cabin 6. Slade, Kelli & family
Cabin 11. Kane and Letzelter families
Cabin 17. Dionne & Ryan
Cabin 18. Barry & Anke, Erin, Kim, Kelly & Paul
As of 10-23-06 all other cabins are available.
Note: The note on the website re. free extra day applies to this year only.

The ceremony and reception will be held just a short walk from our accommodations and the Lodge itself has gathering areas and amenities for all who stay there to enjoy (heated pool, basketball and tennis courts, ping pong and, of course, hiking and fly fishing at the nearby Metolius River ). Mostly though, we figure we'll just be enjoying each others' company in this beautiful and serene quintessentially Oregon wilderness. Info on the surrounding area, photos of each cabin and prices are listed on the website. Note though that many of the cabins are 2 and 3 bedrooms and hold up to seven people so sharing with other families or friends (and spending some quality bonding time by the wood stove or fireplace in the common living area) should help reduce costs for each individual family. Alternative accommodations exist in Camp Sherman but they are few. Sisters (about 16 miles/30 minutes from Camp Sherman) and Bend (about 36 miles/50 minutes away) might provide alternate lodgings as well. Sherman map

Other Accommodations

While it is true that if you wait until next year to make reservations, there may not be accommodations available at Lake Creek Lodge, this is not reason to panic. If you decide next September that you wish to attend, the worse scenario:
You fly to Bend (if possible; Portland is a sure thing, but a farther drive) and stay at one of the many motels or other accommodations there and drive a hour to Camp Sherman for the wedding. You can come and visit, spend the day with other guests, sit in the Lodge, walk the Metolius, go fishing (need a permit; available from the store), drive back to Sisters to walk around and visit the shops or perhaps take other guests back to Bend to show them your sites. This wedding venue is one that means a lot to Dionne and Ryan and they know that it is asking a lot of their guests to make the trip. They will not be offended if you can't make it. But... if you have the time, this a great chance to see some spectacular country and to get together with family in a beautiful setting.

Metolius River Resort
Camp Sherman Store cabins
Central Oregon Lodging
Metolius River Lodges
Black Butte Ranch Black Butte Ranch is closer than Sisters and is not only a hotel and golf course but has a restaurant as well. (It's pretty upscale.) Of course there are also 5 or 6 really lovely campgrounds on the river itself for both tenters and trailers, but one would suspect that in October a tent would be a bit chilly. ...dionne

Metolius Services


The closest restaurant to the lodge (and the ONLY one in Camp Sherman) is The Kokanee Cafe. They are open until the end of October according to the guy at Lake Creek Lodge, but only for dinner.
Black Butte Ranch has breakfast, lunch and dinner hours (they are on the expensive side).
The Camp Sherman Store also does sandwiches and I think simple soups and whatnot for lunch as well as pastries, bagels, coffee and espresso drinks for in-town breakfasters. The store also carries beer and wine and a variety of snacks and emergency items. They are actually peculiarly well stocked for such a tiny place. ...dionne

RV Parks

Black Butte RV
Cold Springs Resort


Cool beans. The McSheehy's will be there:) We've reserved Cabin 6, "nestled along Lake Creek," for Fri/Sat (10/12-10/13). Looking forward to partying it up! Kelli plays a mean game of ping-pong so bring your A-game. slade, kelli, and Hank!

Ryan and Dionne, We just returned from our NJ trip to your happy news!!! Uncle Tony and I will be honored to join you for this beautiful celebration! We'll contact the camp (and family) re: resservations, soon.