A couple of years ago when we got our Mac we were told there was a cool program on it for creating a website. About a year later I looked into said program and found it was really quite easy and, in fact, super cool. I started creating this blog page with a bunch of crafts, a few recipes and lots and lots of stories and photographs of Naiya. I'm not really doing it right. I'd be better off using a standard blog site. Anyhow, I've never published it. It just sits on the computer and only I look at it. Mostly what it is is a long, long historical document of my daughters daily life. I put silly things she says and does on there just so I won't forget them... I thought I'd share.

4 July 2012

Wyoming Vacation

We went for a cruise on Jackson Lake & stopped for dinner on Elk Island. The ranger was asking questions to which Naiya knew many of the answers. When asked how she knew so much about nature Naiya answered, "My Opa is a master gardener".

23 February 2012

Naiya spent last night with Oma and Opa. Opa usually sleeps in the guestroom when Naiya spends the night with Oma in the big bed.
In the middle of the night, Naiya started talking, I am not sure she even remembers it, I forgot all about it until just a few minutes ago. She said to me, "Oma, I am used to it, there is a lot of traffic noise in our house, all the noise you make, it really doesn't bother me, I am used to it".
I said "good"... and we both went back to sleep.


13 October 2011 (Oma)

Naiya told me last night in bed.
"Daddy had it real easy this year for an anniversary gift, because it was 'fruit and flowers'."
Naiya said she had a really good idea... "we could take a pumpkin and cut the top off, and then put flowers in it. But dad was not so sure about it, he thought the pumpkin might rot and the flowers die."

9 December 2010

Naiya was asking if Golem and Frodo were going to get something in their stockings from Santa. I told her that Frodo might not because he's not been such a badboy (he's been peeing on things). She then asked if she, mommy and daddy were going to get anything from Santa in our stockings.
"Of course", I told her, "we've all been very good haven't we?"
"How does Santa know we've been good?"
"He has special powers of knowing because he's Santa," I told her.
"I think he must look it up on his computer," she said.

20 November 2010

Naiya: “Does everyone have Thanksgiving on the same day?”

Oma: “Yes. You know, that on Thanksgiving, sometimes at the table, people will ask 'What are you thankful for?' I would say that I am thankful for my children and grandchildren and for my house. What would you say?”

Naiya, after some heavy thinking: “I am thankful for so many things, it would take two days to say them all.”

7 October 2010

It seems to me that there was a similar conversation between Naiya and I a long time ago about Stop signs and Go signs but yesterday in the car Naiya said to me, "At the lights you stop when it's red and then go when it's green. At the other kind (a stop SIGN she meant), there aren't any lights, so how do you know when to go?" That kid is always thinkin'.

Also, I don't know if you noticed this one but lately she has had this odd mis-speaking where instead of saying "right" she says "true" because basically that's what she's trying to say. Like, she'll say "Mommy, you were true, Frodo was trying to get in the door." I don't know why I find these kind of things so interesting and endearing but I do.

25 September 2010

Naiya: How do you grow a green bean?
Mommy: You plant a bean, a green one :)
Naiya: But before there was... the first bean... before there was a bean, how do you grow a bean? When there was nothing? Only earth and people and houses?
Mommy: How do you think the first bean grew?
Naiya: Did god do it?
Mommy: Who?
Naiya: God
Mommy: Who told you about god?
Naiya: You did. You said children talked to god in churches
Mommy: Do you know where god is?
Naiya: Where?
Mommy: In here (I put my hand on her heart and held it there as I looked into her eyes and stopped talking)
      ...long pause (I wish I could describe the look in her eyes)
Naiya: ...And in you?
Mommy: Yes
Naiya: And daddy?
Mommy: Yes
Naiya: And Matthew, and Kelly, and auntie Kelli?
Mommy: Yes
Naiya: Even Uncle Erin?
Mommy: Even Uncle Erin
Naiya: Even in other places?
Mommy: Yes
Naiya: Even in Arizona?
Mommy: Yes
Naiya: All the people?
Mommy: All the people
Naiya: Oh.

26 September 09

We went to the Cider Pressing Festival out at Philip Foster Farm in Eagle Creek this Saturday with Oma and Opa. They had pony rides, folks making butter, blacksmithing, wood carving, places for kids to try out hand clothes washing, log cabin building and, of course, apple trees and presses for making cider. We got the last apples from the trees and ended up with less than half a gallon of cider but it was delicious. Probably the best part of the day were the fiddlers playing on the stage. Naiya especially liked the young musicians. At one point there were some older folks even dancing. I pointed to them from across the field through some trees we were sitting under at the time. “Naiya,” I said, “Can you see the old people dancing to the violin music?” She looked over for a bit and then turned to me and asked, “Are there any NEW people dancing?”

15 September 09

Naiya likes to help out in the kitchen and today we were baking bread. I have this odd set of measuring spoons that includes three spoons with the following labels: smidgen, pinch and dash. These are, to me, a little ridiculous. I thought they’d make a great addition to Naiya’s play kitchen though. As we were getting our ingredients and whatnot together, I disconnected them from the ring to which they’re all attached and put them on a smaller ring for small people kitchen play. I talk a lot as we go about our tasks and play throughout the day and proceeded to describe the steps of the recipe I was then following. “Add one teaspoon of baking soda...”

“Which one is the teaspoon?” Naiya asked me (referring to the small spoons I had given her). I picked one out and told her it was the teaspoon.
“Can I have some tea in it?” she asked.

14 September 09

We were driving together and playing a kind of “I Spy” game. One of us just says, “I spy...a man in a blue shirt”, or “I spy...a red truck” or whatever. Then the other, when the object is found, exclaims, “I see it!” We take turns going back and forth.
So I said, “I spy a stop sign.” And Naiya of course says, “I see it.”
Then comes the pause where she is supposed to chose the next object of the game and say, “I spy...” Instead, though, she interrupts our play to ask me, “Mommy, where’s the Go Sign?”

16 August 09

It’s a tad chilly in the house today but Naiya won’t keep on her clothes. When I asked her to please put on her shirt she replied, “Mommy, I just need to cool down with the coolness so I’m fresh and cool.” She remained shirtless. What could I say?

28 July 2009

Tonight after Naiya and I read our stories in bed, we were laying together in the dark and Naiya asked, “Mommy, why do little girls grow up?”
I lived a while in one of those long pauses that I often have wondering if I should give her an honest answer. It didn’t take long though to realize that I didn’t really have an answer. So I did what I often do in these situations. I asked her “Why do you think little girls grow up?”
She also embodied a long pause.
Finally she said... “So they can reach stuff.”

26 June 09

Naiya is her usual chatty, silly, extraordinary, charismatic self. For the past couple of days she has walked around the house singing at the top of her lungs. This child is one wild performer. As we walked through the grocery store yesterday, she was also the self appointed greeter. "Hi!"..."Hi!"... "Hi!"...she grins and yelps at every passer-by.

Naiya: "Mommy, big fish eat little fish... why?"
Mommy: "Because they"re carnivores."
Naiya: "But then they don"t have friends anymore."
Well, what could I say to that?