Christmas tree

The folks at the lot remembered us from last year made it seem like a tradition. :) We'll have to keep it going in years to come I think. I got a couple of really great pictures. The fog in the trees is, to me, so beautiful in those shots. When we left from the lot we went quickly home to drop off the tree and then on to the Holiday Express train at Oaks Bottom in Sellwood. There were about twenty of us (friends mostly from Naiya's school) riding together which I think was a lot of fun (for the children especially). Santa came through with candy canes for all and led our train car riders in a round of Jingle Bells before he moved onto the next. After, we went to dinner with a bunch of folks and, though the night had already been long, we walked a few blocks down to the new sculpture garden in front of Milwaukie City Hall where the city Christmas Tree was lit. The kids ended up playing there for over an hour mostly on the rotating sculpture seen in the photo (of Chloe, Owen, Florian and Naiya). The next day Naiya woke us up begging to decorate the tree. Unfortunately it was still outside and soaking wet, but we brought it in and spent hours playing with ornaments and decorating. We're in full swing now...tree alight and even a few gifts wrapped.

Christmas Train