Funny you should ask...
Just today we brought out all of our decorations. We haven't got our tree yet but we hung ribbon-ed bulbs in the windows and set out trains and whatnot. I do, in fact, have four nutcrackers. This morning Naiya woke to find that St. Nicholas had left some little gnomes in her boots and they had a grand play time introduction downstairs with the help of those very nutcrackers. With Naiya's help they were all putting on "puppet shows" for at least 30 or 40 minutes! The nutcrackers and the baby Jesus in the creche are her favorites. Also this year in addition to the Advent bags we have hanging in the front room, Naiya squeals to see her Jacquie Lawson advent village scene unfold each day. Last night we just discovered that it turns dark after the sun sets and the moon and stars come out! Also, we only today noticed that the clock in the tower is always telling the correct time! Thank you gramma for that lovely gift. We are absolutely loving it. Attached are some fun photos from our festive day. Happy holidays :)

love to all,
dionne nicole