Lantern walk - 1

Each November we have a Lantern Walk to celebrate Martinmas, a festival of inner light in the outer darkness of the approaching winter. Waldorf education places emphasis on celebrating festivals in community. Festivals anchor the human spirit to the year. It doesn't matter what festivals are celebrated--it's the celebrating, the ritual, the reverence, and the consistency of the cycle of the seasons that grows in the child (and in the adult!).

One of the festivals common on the Waldorf calendar is Martinmas. Martin's legend is one of choices and service. The legend most associated with Martin is that of giving up half of his cloak to a beggar outside of the gates of the city. After splitting his cloak and sharing it, the soldier Martin had a dream in which he was shown that the beggar was a holy figure. Martin awoke and knew that he could no longer be a soldier, but was instead a man of god.

The walk wound through the Crystal Springs Rhodadendron Garden; starting at twilight and ending in darkness.

Naiya modeling the cloak that was made by her teacher and decorated by the class.

Each class made lanterns, which they carried on the walk.