Gardening - 1

This year in the garden we planted beans for the first time. What we learned is that you'd need A LOT more space to make enough beans to save them for the year. Other than that we had a bumper crop of garlic and quite a few onions as well. With the onions we learned that they have to be planted much further apart and thinned after they've started to bulb. Our tomatoes were late but some of the tastiest we've had since we've begun. We're only harvesting those now. Out on our park strip we planted 9 seed potatoes and last week dug up 80 pounds of potatoes! Oh, the bounty of harvest time. This is why we love autumn...

The gardening song by Dillon Bustin
that Naiya learned to sing in the summer: This child loves to sing :)

oh my friends it's springtime again
buds are swelling of every limb
the peepers do call small birds do sing
and my thoughts return to gardening

gardening is a very fine art
bear well in mind before you start
lay up your ax your saw blade also
and take down you spade
your rake and your hoe

polish your hoe
till the blade it does shine
likewise your rake and sharpen each tine
dress up your spade with a light coat of oil
then you are ready to prepare your soil

prepare your soil with a good free will
bear well in mind what you may till
some compost and lime
are all that you need
then you are ready to plant your seed

plant your seed but none too soon
bear well in mind the phase of the moon
set out the fruit the roots and the grain
and hope it all sprouts
in the cool early rain

if the cool early rain don't drown you out
the first hot spell will bring on the drought
the midsummer sun is hotter than hell
mulch down your rows
and you water them well

water them well and then them also
beware of weeds and beetles and crows
if you work every day then little is lost
just hope it all ripens
before the first frost

the first frost will come as sure as sin
then you must hasten to gather it in
by cartloads and bushels
by pecks and quarts
your harvest of fruit
and grain of all sorts

all sorts of peaches and apples and wheat
oats and rye and strawberries sweet
squashes and melons with colorful rinds
your harvest of vegetable
roots of all kinds

all kinds of turnips and carrots and beets
potatoes tomatoes and strong smelling leeks
cabbage and corn the beans and the hay
then you must carefully store it away

away in the cellars and lofts and bins
make cider and kraut, pickles and gin
if you do it all well
then you'll not go wrong
you will have plenty all winter long

all winter long while the cold winds blow
take down your saw and wood cutting go
if you're well fed and warm
be well content then
till warm weather comes and you say to your friends

oh my friends it's springtime again
buds are swelling on every limb
the peepers do call small birds do sing
and my thoughts return to gardening