First camping trip - 1

Hi there,

I know I just sent an update, but why not another? You know, for kicks!
We just returned from our first camping trip of the summer. We spent four days at Suttle Lake (near Camp Sherman) from which we also visited Scout Lake and grandma and grandpa. I've been on a quest to find the perfect lake on which to stay. This one would have been close to perfect if not for the road across the way that we could hear at night (and also during most of the day). A little cold for swimming in too, but we managed to get in on occasion due to the warm and near perfect weather. For two of the days we had the treat of a two hour thunder storm complete with my favorite weather condition - warm wind. Aaaaaah. Also, Scout lake is a five minute drive up the road. That one IS perfect for swimming since it's smaller. We've been there for the past three years and it's one of our favorite spots. Warm water, no motor craft and these logs floating like rafts for anyone to play on. One can see to the bottom of the lake even in its deepest regions. And oh, what excitement!... All on her own, this time around, Naiya swam! She just lifted up her feet (while wearing her life jacket bathing suit) and started to kick and paddle! She seemed nearly as surprised as we were. We had marshmallows for breakfast and, of course, those mini cereal boxes that I remember us taking camping as kids, hot dogs for dinner and crackers and cheese and fruit all day long. It was a decadent week of sweets and swimming, fishing and sleeping under the stars. We had a lovely time.
Mostly, of course, I just send these mails so you all can see the cute pictures. :)

Hope your summer is full of good things too...even if you aren't able to stand barefoot on the shore of a serene lake, eyes closed, with warm wind ruffling your hair...

Love to all
dionne nicole