Summer happenings - 1

Aaaaah Summer. If only it were so.

It's a little slow in coming this season. We're celebrating it here nonetheless. We've just finished the wettest June in decades and although we were weary from winter and spring hardly sprang this year, we'll take the few warm, sunny days that the current season has graced us with.

We haven't given an update of goings on in quite a while so I thought I'd send out some photos and a few stories for you, our beloved family and friends, through which we might share just a bit of our current lives.

As seen in the first photo, some fairies apparently set up residence in our back yard in the last few days of spring. Naiya was so excited to find their house there that for the first few mornings after, she would come in our room first thing and cry, "Let's go see if there's anything new at the fairie house!" Initially there was just the fence and cottage. A garden, scarecrow, clothesline, mushroom ring and flowers eventually appeared as well. It's a magical world in those bushes and sometimes she'll just "decorate" and play in there on lazy afternoons for long stretches by herself. Completely enthralled and content.

Our little one plays well on her own. The gift or curse I suppose of many only children. She has quite a few friends though and sees them, even outside of school (parent-child class that is) at least once a week. We often host play dates at our house for those children and their parents. There are eight families who attend and they're all such lovely folks. In addition to her sweet playmates, Naiya is smitten with many of the other moms and you can often find her in their laps or holding one or the other's hands. She's an odd mix of shy and gregarious with a joyous laugh and smile that is often commented upon. She'll also talk the ear off of anyone willing to listen. (In the play date photo she's the one out of focus, bouncing about on the right hand side of the picture.)