Playing games - 1

Hello all,

I've just downloaded a few weeks worth of pics of Naiya from the camera. Seems like I can't recall any particularly funny stories or silly anecdotes but I figured I'd send the photos along anyhow. She's been "playing games" quite a bit lately. This mostly consists of pulling various board games out of the boxes and setting up the pieces as people or structures around the room. As seen in the pics, her favorite of the moment is Cranium. Unlike me, she has even taken to reading the instructions. Her interpretation is original to say the least. Another of her favorite activities is a game we call Jewelry Time. This is, obviously, self explanatory. Tonight we went to a block party a few blocks from us. Not technically our block but we were invited by some friends of ours and met some really lovely people and lots of sweet kids. They had a woman painting the childrens' faces and Naiya got a panda bear on her cheek. She (and we) had a great time.

Hope you're all enjoying summer's last hurrah.

Love to all, dionne