Hello all,

We're back. (I know, you didn't even know we were gone, did you?) We returned from our short weekend camping trip over on the other side of the range on Sunday evening. It went remarkably well with Naiya sleeping in her pack-and-play inside our huge tent (which also housed our blow up full size mattress loaded down with comforters and quilts for Ryan and I). We kept her up late one night so she could see the sky full of stars even though, completely out of character, she was almost begging to go to sleep. (Not sure how that came to pass.) We spent Saturday at Scout Lake and on Sunday took a brief walk along the Metolius before stopping in to say our farewells to grandma and grandpa (hope you're feeling better grandma!) and then headed home.

Naiya's favorite parts were the two girls we met for five minutes while walking around our camp ground and that she was allowed to have marshmallows for breakfast. I'm not sure what my favorite part was, but there's something so warmly nostalgic about that variety mini eight pack of cereals we took along that it's probably in the running. Anyhow, hope all are well. Thought you might enjoy these photos.

Much love, dionne nicole