Summer goodness - 1

Happy Summer everyone!

Some very exciting news here at Rancho de Kane. Our first egg! Our girls are nearly their full size at four and a half months, and yesterday we were thrilled to find a tiny little gift in their house. By the color, I had thought it was surely from Caliope (our Rhode Island Red) but it turns out it could just as likely have been from Juniper (the Barred Plymouth Rock). Jak, the monster sized Light Brahma, will likely lay white eggs and we think they will be much larger. While the chickens have pretty much destroyed the flower gardens and are working to find a way into the caged herbs, they have left the fenced off veggies pretty much alone. The six raised beds are in full production mode with potatoes, tomatoes, lettuces, chard, onions, leeks, peas, broccoli, rhubarb, garlic, beets and spinach. The blueberries and strawberries will likely need another year to bear some tasty fruit but we are thoroughly enjoying the bounty of all we are getting now. It is an odd thrill to make dinner from our own back yard. (The slugs in our salad, though, I could do without.)

Naiya is her usual chatty, silly, extraordinary, charismatic self. For the past couple of days she has walked around the house singing at the top of her lungs. This child is one wild performer. As we walked through the grocery store yesterday, she was also the self appointed greeter. "Hi!"..."Hi!".................."Hi!"...she grins and yelps at every passer by.

Naiya: "Mommy, big fish eat little fish...why?"
Mommy: "Because they"re carnivores."
Naiya: "But then they don"t have friends anymore."
Well, what could I say to that?

I hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful season.

All my best,
dionne nicole