Happy New Year to all! Hope your holidays were full of wonder and joy.

Along with the beginning in of a brand new cycle of seasons, we've begun a new chapter in the life of our daughter. Potty Training - here we come!!
Two days in a row we woke to find a naked daughter in her bed. We think she just likes to take off her pajamas and diapers because by morning those Huggies are pretty full. Apparently, we figured, our time had come. Yesterday was the day of initiation and I have to say it went pretty darned well. We went through about 4 pair of big girl panties before she seemed to get the hang of it and, other than the poop in her panties in bed episode, we haven't had any soiled underwear since. Go Girl! Go Potty! (That's the title of the potty book Oma and Opa gave her for Christmas... we read that dang book about 15 times yesterday.)
Without any coaching, Naiya seems to have joined the male ranks of the family and already her first day decided that the potty is a good place to enjoy a book. The book she's reading is Punch and Judy, but she kept saying, "It's a cook book. Cook eggs. Eggs with butter." "Anything else in those eggs?" I asked her. "No," she replied. "Cook eggs with butter. It's in the cook book."

Warm wishes to all,
dionne nicole