will it never stop... 1

Even MORE snow pictures. This is, by far, the most snow either of us remember seeing in Portland. I don't know if the pictures do it justice but the shots of Naiya and daddy in the back yard hint at the height. Naiya sank in up to her thighs in a few places.
Our neighbor's house has some lovely icicles. The car pics are the clearest indicator of the snow depth. Actually, because of the way we're situated at the top of our tiny hill, our yard gathers more snow than almost all of those around us. Strange.
Thanks again to Oma and Opa for the lidded sandbox/swimming pool/sled. We really wanted to pull Naiya around the neighborhood and Ryan found the only sled like object we had. That crab sand box is so multi-functional! She laughed a bit hysterically as he ran down the sidewalk with her. She had so much fun. Ryan was sweating in the end. We finished our snow play with a little snow angel. Naiya sunk a little deep...
Merry, Merry Christmas to all. We wish we could all be together but hope you're enjoying a winter wonderland as fun filled as ours.

Much love,
dionne nicole