Giggles - 1

Hey all,

Is it always a flurry of photos and then the long silence from us? I think the last time we sent pictures was some time in October. Figured we owed an update of some kind. We've got dress up with balloons time...Naiya refusing to be photographed (she just closes her eyes)...a weird effects photo from the photo booth application on our computer...just around the house...and a night at "Zoo Lights".

It seems like I had some good stories to tell but at the moment nothing is coming to me. There are some quirky little things she occasionally says which we find funny. Perhaps it's just because we're her parents? "I don't like that so much" is a peculiar one. That's her response to, among other things, food she doesn't like. The most common way to reject food, however, is to say, "too spicy". (It doesn't matter if it's toast with butter. If she doesn't feel like eating it she seems to think "too spicy" is a totally valid and acceptable way to refuse something.)

Oh, there was a silly exchange between Naiya and Ryan the other day while we were all shopping. I wasn't with them so I heard it second hand... Apparently Naiya was a bit fussy and didn't want to sit in the cart. She was getting loud and super wiggly with her daddy. When she does this kind of thing, he holds her firmly by the shoulders and asks her to look him in the eye. He talks to her about what she's doing and she usually responds quite well to this form of discipline. The one rule she is really good at remembering is "No screaming. No crying." which she will sometimes immediately blurt out when she thinks she's about to get a talking to. During this particular encounter though, things didn't get that far. Ryan held her and said, "Naiya, look at me." She stopped wriggling and stopped fussing and just closed her eyes. She wouldn't open them. Just sat in still silence. After a few moments Ryan couldn't help himself and just started to giggle. With her eyes still closed Naiya started to giggle too. I guess eventually she opened her eyes and they just started laughing together with their faces inches apart. Ryan was kind of glowing when he told me this story. He thought she was so wonderful. Do men glow? I think so. At least the daddy ones.

Hope you all are enjoying the onset of winter.
Remember to carry a light into the darkness. And wear sturdy shoes.

Warmest wishes,
dionne nicole