Two headed tiger - 1

Happy Hallowe'en everyone!

So Ryan and I aren't really big Hallowe'en people. Last year we kind of ignored or slept through any activities and Naiya Sophia was none the wiser. This year we thought would be much the same. I figured she still doesn't really grasp the strange festivities bound to this holiday. But then we learned that the zoo was having a special weekend with treats and whatnot, so at the last minute (yesterday) Naiya and I set out to find her a costume. Apparently people really plan ahead for this occasion. Costumes were sold out everywhere. At our second stop I started explaining to Naiya what we were doing (as I often do...chatting away, primarily to myself, just to expose her to language all day). I told her that the next day we were going to go to the zoo where Hallowe'en was being celebrated early... That we were trying to find her a costume... I wasn't sure what. "What kind of Hallowe'en costume do you want, Naiya?" I asked her. (Obviously not expecting a reply...I don't think she even knows what Hallowe'en is, let alone what a costume is.) To my shock, however, she replied, "Tiger!" "You want to be a tiger?" "Tiger! Tiger!" she repeated (again and again as we traveled to the third and finally the fourth store). There we found it. The prodigious, endangered two headed tiger. I wasn't too pleased but we were desperate. It was the best I could do. We brought it home and put it on and Oh My!! Who'd have thought this child could make such a bizarre creature look so incredibly cute?
And today we went to the zoo. The picks with her on Ryan's shoulders are so beautifully lit, I may have included a few too many. They were both mesmerized by the new baby elephant as I was snapping those shots.

Hope you enjoy!
-dionne nicole