Daddy builds a playhouse

Here are some pics of the playhouse in progress. It's pretty big: 4' x 6' and about 7 1/2' at the peak of the roof. The roof needs some adjusting as well as tarpaper and shingles. We got some shingles from Slade (leftover from his roof job). Now we're just wondering why we didn't put it together in place because it's going to be a feat to move it. The roof will come off for that at least. It's hard to tell but the exterior paints are shades of purple. Kind of craftsman-y purple. Looks totally brown yes? Anyhow, I like the colors. (The blue is just a tarp on top to keep off the rain.)

Also a few shots of Naiya, who today took the plastic lemon out of the refrigerator and drank about a quarter bottle of straight lemon juice. "Do you like that?"
"Yes!" she replied and ran away with it into the living room...