Naiya's ACTUAL birthday

It being Naiya's ACTUAL Birthday today, I made another cake! (Okay, I did have this huge bowl of leftover frosting... what's a mommy to do?) This time Naiya ate a whole piece and a half. Yum yum. She cracks me up.

She has these two odd habits lately that I wanted to mention lest I forget about them when she starts some new and more peculiar habit next week. The first one is this weird sniffing of her fingers. She holds her fingers up to her nose and then jerks them away like she's blowing a kiss. She mostly does it right after I wash her hands. She has not explained the meaning of this and wishes I would stop asking.

Secondly, she's started pulling the hair on the back of her head. This makes sense though. The hair thing is fairly new for her. (She still doesn't have a lot.) I think she thinks someone has stuck something to her head or applied some strange kind of hat and is just trying to get it off or at least get a good look at it. Unfortuantely, it's not long enough for her to see and, luckily, she's not pulling hard enough to actually pull it out.

And that's the latest News from Naiya.

Over and out.