Swim Lessons

Here's the latest crop of pictures. I haven't been taking very many lately. Naiya Sophia was/is in swim lessons last week and next. Sometimes I swim, sometimes daddy, sometimes both. Actually, at this age, swim lessons are kind of silly. I think the intention is just to get the kids used to the water. They aren't really "learning" anything (just singing and playing), and Naiya already really likes the water and has swum at the "open swim" in this pool before. She does really enjoy the other kids though.

She's crawling at a speedy rate these days and has started pulling herself up on everything. Today she climbed two stairs (trying to get to Frodo) and has begun to reach for things on the surfaces upon which she holds... coffee tables, the drawer of the desk, etc. She's doing better with the solid foods (she's eaten cereals, cheeses, beans, tahini, tofu and all manner of vegetables and fruits) but seems to much prefer picking up small bits off the tray to having anything spoon fed into her mouth. This makes a huge mess every time we feed her of course. I think our average is 3 baths/showers per day. :)

Much love,
dionne nicole