29 June

Yesterday we had a Summer barbecue in the rain. The day before was absolutely lovely and warm, perfect for an outdoor gathering. .. Last night, however, we spent most of our drizzly evening dinner indoors once again, but still had a nice time.
The Kanes, McSheehys and Letzelters were all in attendance and Erika brought some gorgeous flowers and delicious produce from their garden (as well as another fantastic quilt for Naiya Sophia...thank you again Erika, it's beautiful). Baby Gus is looking great (as is his momma) and Hank and Adam were having a grand time running around the house, reading together and enjoying generally good kid time. Adam and Rachel both sure are great with the babies and toddlers. Matthew brought some smokin' hot jalapenos for our burger toppings and a fine fresh herb seasoned potato salad. Delicious. Man, that guy is multi-talented.
Summer is seeming fickle, and it looks like another grey day here in the Rose City. Ryan says Summer doesn't really begin until the Fourth of July. Okay, we'll see.
Thought you all might enjoy some pics of our festivities. Hope everyone is well. Our weekend is just ending but, have a good one, for all of you who have one coming up :) and, thanks so much for coming, for all of you who shared ours with us.

dionne and Ryan