Go Beavers!

25 June

Yes, in fact, for the second year in a row, our Beavers won the College World Series! Go Beavers!!

That's baseball friends. And The Beavers are the Oregon State team (Ryan's alma mater) for those of you who, like myself, don't really know a dang thing about sports. Ryan isn't much into baseball either actually (he's more a football man), but this is something like only the fourth time in history that a college team has won a world series two years in a row. I know. I know. What could be more exciting, right!?
In celebration, he and Naiya donned their super Beavers fans garb and had a romp in the backyard. Thought y'all might enjoy the photos.

Say it with me now----"Go Beavers!!"

uh, yeah...hmm...anyway, they're sure cute, eh?

Happy Monday everyone.

Naiya Sophia's new favorite toys are these balls we got for the bath that squirt water. Anytime water splashes on her face, she opens her mouth to drink it. She does the same at the pool in the waterworks fountains. Man, she's funny.