Berries and the second day of summer

23 June

Some pictures of our berry picking excursion. It was a hot day and we just took the umbrella stroller (with no canopy) so for much of the time while Matthew and Ryan picked many raspberries and strawberries for jam makin', Naiya and I sat in the shade...not pickin'. As I said, our strawberry jam didn't turn out well. Tasted a bit like burnt cotton candy. I think it may have been that the berries were too ripe. Just eating them off the bush, they were the best strawberries I ever had (and I may have eaten too many off the bushes :) The raspberry jam is delicious though. Blue and black and marionberry seasons are coming up. Boy, we like our berries (and our Barry's too come to that )

...on the second day of Summer the good Earth gave to me... a baby and clover kitty...