New Fence

2 June

Good morning, This morning we're hoping to put the sealant on the fence and put the post caps up. I think the caps (copper topped) really make the fence so I'll wait to send pics until they're up.
Haven't heard from Slade and Kelli but I'm sure they're pretty busy. I'll go visit them at home in the next couple of days. Naiya is rolling around on the floor and has taken to sleeping on her tummy at night. This has the added benefit of causing her to sleep for longer periods of time without waking up, so that's pretty cool.
We're supposed to break 100 within the next couple of days! eek!

Good morning again,

The Rose Festival started day before yesterday. I've never really done anything "Rosey" before. There's a carnival and some tall wooden ships (one used in the Pirate movies) at the waterfront and various events around town. We went yesterday to see the ships because I dig all that rigging. Naiya fell asleep in her stroller after the hour or two in 90 degree heat. We spent the afternoon just lounging (where Golem fell asleep in the sun in 90 degree heat) and then had that dinner with Erin and Matthew.

We had a dragonfly of our own this weekend hanging out on the gate.

I'm sending fence pics even though I haven't finished all of the sealing yet. You can see the color difference in the pictures. It isn't supposed to be applied in direct sunlight so the middle sunny section is the unfinished one. Also, we still have some metal fenceposts to remove on the property line. I think Slade has a sawsall (sp?) that we can just slice them out with. I'll have to find out. It's hard to tell in the picture but our back yard seems much bigger. Now we have all this extra dirt though. Not sure what we'll do with it. We would like to put some vegetable beds in the new expanded yard space. Maybe we'll do raised beds and use some of the dirt. I was thinking on the sidewalk side to plant small herbs or maybe a climbing vine? We shall see.

Remember to eat your peas
: )

Before new roof, new fence.

Starting fence

<<img src="images07/dn-07-0602-7.jpg" width="504" height="347" alt="" border="1" />

"After" photo