Naiya Sophia

2 April 2007

Hello All,

It has been a while since we sent some photos. We've had some visitors recently and have been having a grand time with them all. Naiya's Opa and Auntie Gayle stopped in for a day on their way home from Idaho and a few days later her Uncle Erin, Auntie Kimi and cousins Kelly and Paul came and stayed for almost a week. They just left. A fun time was had by everyone. We took a walk through Tryon Creek State Park, traveled up to Timberline Lodge and played in the snow, spent a morning at the Children's Museum with Uncle Slade, Auntie Kelli and Hank (then had a fine dinner at their house). Yesterday, we visited Erin and Kim's rental houses and had lunch and more playtime with Hank and the kids. Mostly we spent their visit just... well, visiting and eating lots of baked goods. Oh! and Kelly and Paul learned the Mole Song! (Don't worry, Naiya Sophia will sing it to the rest of you some day )

Ryan has not been feeling well (some kind of sinus infection) and so missed some work but did get to hang out with the family for a couple of days so it was a bit of a mixed blessing. We do love having daddy around.

As some of you may have realized, Naiya just turned six months old on the first of April (no fooling!) She is still her extraordinary self. She's rolling over regularly and sits up and plays with her bucket of toys and cups for long periods of time--only occasionally falling over. Her next doctor's appointment is Thursday so I will get more accurate measures then but according to our amateur calculations and home measuring mechanisms she weighs 19 pounds and is 26 1/2 inches tall (still a really big girl). Some days she makes lots of noise but nothing like words yet. Other days she's very quiet. She does do lots of spitting and gurgling experiments in her free time and is just perfecting some of her more difficult yoga moves. (It sure is amazing how children can contort themselves!) We've tried eating cereal a couple of times. I'm not so sure she's really ready or too interested at this point but we're going to do some more practice in that arena. We'll keep you updated.

Until then, be well. Our love to you all.

dionne, Ryan and Naiya Sophia