Naiya Sophia

16 March 2007


I didn't realize that I hadn't sent pictures in a while. I have actually been taking fewer than I have in previous months, but now that the sun is coming out more and more often we should be having different vistas and environments from which and in which to view our lovely Naiya Sophia. Today we sat outside and watched cars go by. Strange I know. I was trying to introduce her to plants and all the pretty flowers blooming but she only had eyes for the cars. Movement I suppose...

She is moving more lately. She kicks a lot and holds up her feet when laying on her back. She rolls over a couple of times a day from her tummy to her back but because she doesn't like being on her tummy she has no motivation to roll the other direction. She still likes to stand and she loves jumping in her jumpy seat. She has also started grabbing at things more and more often. Also, she isn't a thumb sucker but rather puts her whole hand minus her pinky in her mouth... for pleasure or to sooth upcoming teeth?... I'm not sure.

We put a big mirror in her room the other day and this is good for good stretches of self entertaining. (Ryan loves to play with her there too.)

Anyhow, we finished tiling the fireplace yesterday but haven't started on the grout yet. We ran into a problem with the hearth (one side is slightly higher than the other) and so are trying to figure out some kind of finishing trim that will work to both "finish" the look and cover up the small height difference. I think the tile looks great. (See photo.)

Next is having the boxbeam ceiling stripped. (Someone else is going to do that.) And when the weather is more consistently dry and warm, Tim is going to help us finish the abandoned job of front porch rails and upgrade of the house posts (which I think I told you about before).

Okay, she's had about enough of this typing nonsense. Gotta go. love you.