6 April 2006

Greetings all from the Pacific Northwest,

I know you don't hear from me that often, but usually I don't have all that much of interest to tell. This year has been a bit different. Work has intensified (I'm a supervisor at Trader Joe's) and I've been given as much responsibility as I can get without being a manager (which seems to be just over the hoirizon). It has taken up a lot of my time as has work on my house (built in 1912 and in need of a number of updates, repairs and cosmetic revisions). In fact, though, work and home have decidedly not been my primary preoccupations of 2006.

In the middle of last year I met Ryan. Ryan Fitzgerald Kane. (Fantastic name I think.) A very few of you met him when he came home to my mom and dad's for Christmas with me. For those of you who didn't, I've attached a photo. He's beautiful and intelligent, quiet and gentle and, like me, thinks Sprudel is a pretty darned good name for a hamster. He moved into my big and lonely house with me and my two cats in January and we've been blissfully happy ever since.

I guess, though, we weren't completely satisfied with the arrangement. Or perhaps it was Providence or Fate or the Good Lord interevening. Because now we're absolutely thrilled to have someone else joining our rag tag little household. Yes, good things indeed come in threes (congratulations, by the way, to Renee and Adam and Stephanie and Anthony)... Some time in late September or early October, we're having a baby!!!! (Just one (to avoid any confusion)...for those of you who don't know them, two sets of my cousins are also expecting.)

We couldn't be happier. I've been very well with only a minor amount of discomfort and illness. Ryan is absolutely amazing. He's more giddy than I am (if that's possible) and unconditionally attentive and supportive. I was a little afraid in the beginning, but he's been resolutely optimistic all along. And all is well with the little one thus far.

And that's our news folks!! Quite the announcement!

Hope all of you are happy and healthy and enjoying the beauty of Spring.

All my love,
dionne nicole