Nothing really big. When we had the roof re-done 10 years ago, we did not re-roof the porches because they needed more work. They are being jacked up to level, the posts adjusted and new roofing put on.


Hi Barry and Anke, What a coincidence to see your message. I took some pictures today to send to you. Some workmen took the shingles off both of the entrances to your house.


The Porches: 6-11-03

Hi Barry and Anke,

The house is looking good.

Bye for now
Ray and Kay

Gaps when porch straighted and dark areas by down spout in left side of picture.

More gaps.

Your down stairs tenants on left and workmen on the right.

Cleaning roof. Looks good.

Clean roof and no post gaps.

Spots I thought might be dry rot turned out good.

Better shot of repaired porches and posts.