The Coshow House at Watson and Lane

Oliver Perry (O.P.) Coshow was born in Brownsville, Oregon in 1863 to a pioneer family. In 1886 he married Elizabeth Kay, daughter of Thomas Kay, of the Kay Woolen Mills in Salem Oregon. After graduation from the University of Oregon, O.P. Coshow studied law and was admitted to the Oregon State Bar in 1890. He practiced in Mc Minnville for a short time and moved to Roseburg in 1897.

In 1905 Libbie Kay Coshow purchased the property that became the site of the Coshow House. The house was built in 1909 in Craftsman style, with generous sized rooms, large windows and tall ceilings. O.P. Coshow practiced law in Roseburg until 1924 when he was appointed an Associated Justice of the State Supreme Court; in November of that year he was elected to the position. John and Leone Mc Clintock bought the property sometime between 1921 an 1925 and retained ownership until 1943. During that time the house was converted to a duplex, with the second story a separate apartment. Later owners were Otto and Lula Rau, the Adventist Church, and K. Norman Kuhlman.

In 1992 Barry and Anke Witt purchased the house with the dream of living in it after retirement. But their family had other plans. Their daughter and son both moved to Portland in the years after the purchase of the house and Barry and Anke decided that in order to be close to their children, they would also move to the Portland area.

Coshow art class, Roseburg Mrs. Coshow on left, Alvin Knudtson in rear, Anna Knudtson front left. ...from the Douglas County Museum.

Barry and Anke had spent years planning all that they would do to the house on Watson Street... French doors from the sun porch, onto the patio on the newly rebuilt garage. When it became necessary to fix the garage, they had gone all out, not realizing that at most houses where the garage had collapsed, they were simply filled in. The garage cost almost as much as the house had cost.

"I don't know if I could have done anything else... I couldn't have filled it in. The house has a history, and I would not want to leave it less than I found it. Besides, when the new garage was built, I still expected to live there." ...brw

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