The Garage - 2002

It all started in August 2001. We received a "Notice to Abate" from the city of Roseburg; the the roof on the garage in our rental house had caved in and the walls were falling in. The garage was not being used, and we knew it was in bad shape, but not that bad. We contacted the city, the historical committee, the property manager, an engineer, started the permit process and a search for a contractor.

Construction started on 24 June 2002. Our contractor is Jack Mathis, General Contractor. Our neighbors Ray and Kay Armstrong are keeping us updated on the progress. The following are Ray's photos.

Subject: TREE & GARAGE 6/24/25
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 03:50:38 -0700
From: Ray and Kay Armstrong

Hi Barry and Anke,

They made good progress today!

I will send fewer pictures at a time in the future. We can put all the pictures on a CD when the project is done.

Also took about thirty minutes of camcorder pictures today.


Subject: Garage 6/28/02
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 08:21:29 -0700
From: Ray and Kay Armstrong

Hi Barry and Anke,

The slash from the Oak is all gone, only the stump remains.
Yesterday they were hauling with one truck, today there are two trucks hauling dirt away.

Bye for now
Ray and Kay