Day 1

Hello Dear Family,
I just returned from the hospital where my precious family rests after a very special day to remember!
I wasn't expecting a call from Marc quite this soon so when the phone rang at 4:30 am I thought it must be a wrong number.
Valynn started labor at 11:30 pm and Paul Anthony began his decent. (He hadn't dropped until then) They arrived at the hospital at about 3:00 am and Valynn was dilated to 5! At 4:30 am she was at 7. Valynn's mother and father arrived minutes after I did at 6:30 am and Valynn had dilated to 10! Marc seemed to be doing fine!
After she received the pain medication we were able to go into her room to see her. Valynn was feeling good, tired but good, of course she didn't get any sleep the night before. What an exciting time we all had as we watched the heart monitor and the contractions.
When all that was left was the pushing Valynn asked me if I wanted to stay for the birth! Be still my heart! Valynn, Valynn's mother Valerie and Kelly (Valynn's best friend) and I witnessed a miracle at 8:24 am this morning. I can't even begin to express what it was like to see my son's son being born. Valynn did a fabulous job birthing!
Just seconds after Paul Anthony arrived I ran and got Marc and then delight of all delights I watched as my son seemed to be transformed. As the nurse put the baby in the warmer and was measuring him he was crying and Marc put his hand on Paul Anthony's chest and said "It's OK buddy" and he stopped crying and you could see that Marc was in Love!
He is a beautiful baby, lots of light brown hair perhaps blue eyes. He honestly looks like Marc Anthony did when he was born. Marc wasn't sure that was accurate until he looked at the picture and Paul Anthony at the same time. HE DOES!
What a glorious day it was and how blessed I feel to have been present in the room where God preformed His most magnificent miracle.
Love to you all, Oh, Adam, Renee and Ally Michelle came to see Paul Anthony - My cup runneth over.
For now, Nana