First day of Kindergarten

Hi Everyone,
Paul started Kindergarten today and he was very excited to go. He is attending St. Olaf's Kindergarten program so he was happy to see a couple of familiar faces (kids he knows from preschool) when he got there.

The kindergarten class is so big they had to split it up into two classrooms. So Paul will have Ms. Michelle in the morning for art, science cooking, and freeplay and then he will go to Ms. Sheryl's classroom in the afternoon for math, reading and writing. The classrooms are joined together and I can tell the teachers and the staff worked really hard to make the rooms ready, they look great.

He goes from 8:30am to 2:30pm and is happy there are no naps at school! (Even though mom still makes him take one now and again).

Hope everyone had a terrific summer, can't believe we are going into the latter part of 2008! I am almost 6 months along now, no name yet for Paul's little brother, (he wants to call him Batman or Lightening McQueen Russo). Um, yeah...I'm sure we'll come up with something we all like before the Dec.19th due date!

Love to all,