29 April 2007

This last week was unusually hectic. I'm not really sure how my house got so messy this last week when we were hardly even home!

So... Paul and I have been reading a series of books with a dog named Spot. In one of the books, Spot and his mommy bake a cake for Spot's daddy's birthday. Right in the middle on of it, Paul turned to me and said "You bake a cake for me mom?"
How can I say no to that?
He helped me pour and stir and the best part was the sprinkles.
While I was snapping these photos he instructed me to take a picture of his hands and feet. I don't know why either, but he's just so darn cute! Always a joy and making me laugh. He was so proud to show his daddy the cake he made. The best dessert ever!

Marc has been keeping busy, not only with work, but with more side projects with fountains. He's been working on a portfolio of his work and experience and a brochere to use in networking with business owners. Pray that lots of offers come his way, it would be so great to see him develop his own business.

My own business is going well. I love working on my own schedule around the needs of my family. I am making progress every month. The more I learn about the services and the business, the more and more blessed I feel to have been given this opportunity.