Paul Anthony Russo is here!

Ultra sound: 3-20-03
Day 3 - 7-27-03
Day 2 - 7-26-03
Day 1 - 7-25-03

"It's like seeing the movie, then reading the book and thinking... that's what it's all about." ...Marc Russo

Hello All,

Marc here,

Friday, July 25, 2003 8:24am weighing in at 7Lbs, 11oz, 20 1/4 inches; Paul Anthony Russo came into this world.

When he was 15 Seconds old, the nurse put him, screaming like a Banshee, onto the warmer. I walked over, put my hand on his chest and said "It's O.K. Buddy" and He stopped crying!!

There aren't words to accurately describe how this feels. Amazing, with a little bit of weird comes close.

We are all home now, settling in nicely.

I am so excited for all my friends and family to meet this little guy. Something this beautiful and this precious has to be shared.

Come by, call, write, e-mail, or stand outside and shout. But I look forward to hearing from everybody.


Paul Anthony Russo
Arrived Friday, July 25, 2003 at 8:24a.m.
Weight: 7# 11oz
Height: 20 1/4"

Mother, Father and Son happy and content. Nana overjoyed.


Hello Family,
Wow! What a year this will be for babies!
I can feel Paul Anthony moving more frequently and his kicks are getting bigger. Marc loves to feel him kick too.
He is still in awe over the fact that we will be parents.

At the ultrasound appointment he was squeemish at having to be in a doctor's office, much less a doctor's office for women. The technician even sensed this and said "You look like a tough guy to me, like you could handle this." To which Marc replied "Don't get me wrong, if you've got somebody you want me to beat up, no problem, but this...well..."
Yet all he could do was look at that fully developed little person stretching and kicking on the screen from inside my belly and say "Oh my gosh!" with a silly grin and giggle.Yes! He giggled!
As for me, I could have laid there and watched him all day, he has already captivated my heart.

So everything is going well so far, and we are doing what any first time parents would be doing (I guess) which is franctically trying to get our home ready for our new addition!

Love and hugs to all,

Subject: Right to the heart of it
Date: 1-7-03

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to share with all of you my excitement at hearing our baby's heartbeat for the first time today! How amazing it is to have a second heart beating inside one's self! Marc is still beside himself. That little heart was beating at 160 per minute, which I was told is normal and both the baby and I are healthy. I'm in my 10th week and already I can't wait to meet this new person.

I hope this message finds you and yours doing well.


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