Something in the water...

baby shower 8-2-03



Merry Christmas to all. Julie, Dylan and I wanted all our family and friends to know that we are thinking of you all this holiday season. We hope that you are all healthy and ready for a new year soon. It has been a pretty incredible year for us. Our bright and shiny star is baby Dylan James. He is in a sense the perfect baby. All parents say that, but I have solid proof. First, he sleeps all night long and has been doing that for a long time. We are blessed in that we have never had to take him to see the doctor except for his normal check-ups. He is a great eater and is one active toddler. Dylan starting walking at 11 months old. He trots all over the house now and climbs furniture. He laughs constantly, at my jokes( he's perfect) and thinks that his Mom and Dad are the greatest. Dylan is such a joy to take care of and gives so much love back in the form of hugs and kisses.( he's truly perfect). Dylan has mastered all of the fire engines he has as toys and loves to sound the alarms.

We moved into a new house after Thanksgiving in Chino Hills. It is so much closer to work for Julie and Jim.

Dylan James 12-04
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Julie went back to work this year a couple of days a week. Mrs. Boswell returned as an English teacher after a year of taking care of Dylan full time. Julies mother Nancy has been such a huge help in taking care of Dylan for the two days that she works. Dylan is very fortunate to have so many loving people caring for him. I took the Engineers test at work this summer. All went well and I just completed a three week engineers academy. A new position as an Engineer could happen this year. Jasmine and Shelby our dogs are doing great. I think Dylan is planning to ride one of them soon.

Hope that all your holiday memories are special this year. We would love to hear from you all. For my family in South Carolina, we miss you dearly and hope that we can see you all soon this year.

Happy Holidays!!
The Boswells


Dear family and friends, Our baby has come! What joy to be with the three of them this late morning. No stress or worry this time, just pleasure. What a trooper Jules was last night! I couldn't be excited until it was over and both were safe. To see her nursing calmly last night was worth a million dollars. And to hear her say to her son who took to it immediately; "Did you read the manual?" And this morning, Jim said, "It is a miracle!"

Dylan James Boswell is a sweet, calm, contented baby. Even when he cries it is short lived. The help in the delivery room was quite a sight to behold. I shook uncontrollably the entire time of her hard labor and pushing. May the praise go to God for His care in all the details and having the right people in place. I can say with Jim that the fact of his life is a miracle. "Every good and perfect gift comes from above and is from the Father of light in whom is no variableness nor shadow of turning."

My prayer for this precious child is from Psalm 90:14 (With the pronouns changed: O satisfy him early with Your mercy, that he may rejoice and be glad all his days.) I am overwhelmed more and more as the reality sinks in. What joy, privilege and pleasure.

Bless you, everyone! nancy :o)

Subject: IT'S A BOY!
Date: 10-3-03, 2:24 AM

Dearest Family,

On behalf of Jim & Julie they are delighted to announce the arrival of:

Dylan James Boswell

Born on Friday, October 3rd at 12:44 am. Weighing in at 7 lbs. 7 oz. and 19 1/2".

He is precious with dark hair and big eyes (can't tell the color yet) and is very alert. Julie is doing very well and Jim is thrilled with his son.

How blessed we are he is here!
Love to all,

Jeanne (Aunt DeDe)

Subject: 3 for 3
Date: 5-5-03

Hello again, Family and Friends,

Another major news report has come across the wire. Remember that thing we said before about there being "something in the water"? Well, it's true ...AGAIN! In keeping with the trend as set by some of our own friends and family this year, WE TOO are having a BOY! ("3 for 3" refers to the 3 pregnancies in our family this year which have resulted in 3 boys) Yep, BOYS ABOUND, and now we've become a part of it. The arrival date is still set for the 23rd of September, and until then, life rolls on with much excitement, anticipation and sheer fear. Thanks for your interest and well-wishes along the way. What a ride!
Jim, Julie and Baby Boy Boz

Subject: Something in the water...
Date: 3-4-03

Dearest Family,

First it was Kim and Erin this year, then Marc and Valynn (we're wondering if there's something in the water here in Southern California)...
Well, now we are expecting our very own little bundle of joy. That's right, our arrival should be joining us sometime in late September. We will keep you posted on our progress, but needless to say, we are THRILLED!! Love you all and hope you're happy and healthy!
XOXO Jim and Julie