Summer get-together
at the Hamlet - 2002

Photos (New added 7-11-02)

June 29 at the Hamlet.

Dear Family,

The sun will warm (hot), the green will be greenier, and the birds will be chirpier when we meet at the Hamlet to hug, share, exchange our White Elephants, and of course EAT. As an added joy we will get to see how Kelly Nicole Kaleniki has grown and what is new with each of us.

Just having you all under this roof will be wonderful. I get excited just thinking about it, considering that the highlight of my day is going to the mail box. Won't it be fun watching the menu grow, rather like a mystery that isn't solved until the last page.

Now what would you like to add to this feast? Soup, Salads, Fruits, Breads, "Whatever goes w/Ham", Desserts, Topping for sundaes, snacks, or none of the aforementioned. In other words, whatever your taste buds desire. Now this should be interesting, tasty and delightful. Right now there is a possibility of 25 being present.

6 June
I just learned that Robert will not make it down so that will make our number be 23, unless Anthony & Steph can't come then it will be 21.
Look forward, anxiously, for your coming.
Tschuess und bussi
mama xoxox


  • Appetizers - Kim and Erin

  • Ham - the Lady of the Hamlet

  • Pasta, with Apple smoked bacon, wild mushrooms, and pignoli salad - Barry

  • Fruit salad/plate - Julie

  • Hawaiian sweet potatoes - Jeanne

  • Savory Green Beans & Tomatoes - Marc & Valynn
  • Four-bean salad - Irene

  • Green salad - Anke

  • Quiche - Slade

  • A variety of soft rolls - Pam

  • Drinks,(coffee/tea, coke, DIET 7up, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Sparkling cider, Milk (whole/2%) - the Lady of the Hamlet

  • Lemon pound cake - Nancy
  • Dessert/ice cream - the Lady of the Hamlet

the Hamlet