8 December 2008

Hi Family, Happy Holidays.

I just read an e-mail from my wonderful Sister-in-law and thought that maybe I should send a quick note to everyone. So hello to everyone!

We have been really busy towards the end of this year, and making the best of every moment. It seems like we have been given so many curve balls this year. From mom and dad selling their home and moving away, my little scare with my biopsy in my right breast - everything turned out ok, trying to keep the house out of foreclosure - still working on that one, trying to keep the business out of bankruptcy- still working on that one, to Kelly's braces - made it through rubber bands - not pretty. We have been celebrating some of the better things this holiday season. We took a mini weekend vacation in beautiful San Diego during the 3-day breast cancer walk. I didn't walk this year, but decided to be there to help some of my friends with transportation, cheering and support. We stayed at a hotel close to the 3-day campsite. The kids and Erin enjoyed the pool and the boardwalk on Mission Bay. When I was with them, we just enjoyed each other and the time away from home. It was like being in Hawaii for Christmas again. I also got to enjoy reading "Twilight". When we got back, we celebrated a wonderful Thanksgiving. While we were cooking, Paul decided to teach himself how to ride his bike. All by himself! Looks like a pro! That little guy's is soooooo amazing. Kelly is finally figuring out 2nd grade and is starting to make it easier on herself. We got off to on a bit of a struggle at the beginning of the school year. Boy, second grade is tough. The house is decorated inside and even outside this year - I'm so proud of Erin for getting on the ladder in the backyard too! The kids are so happy with the lights outside. On Friday I decided to donate my hair to Charity. I cut over 10 inches off and I'm sending it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. They will be using my hair to help make someone with cancer or a survivor a wig. I'm so excited. I felt like I needed to do something with higher purpose this year since I couldn't do the walk and my hair called to me. I just love the new style. Wow my neck feels great.

Let's see, we went to our annual tree lighting ceremony Friday night in San Elijo, always a lot of fun. And today, we took our first Christmas photo. We tried to do the photo on the lake in dad's boat, but the lake was closed and it started to rain, and oh my, what a production. WE ended up taking the photo near the house in the town center. No rain, but crazy poses from Erin, Kelly and Paul. I think we got 2 good shots from over 50 that were taken. So maybe expect a Christmas photo from us this year. Hmmm, Kelly and Paul have their Christmas recital for Piano in two weeks. They are both doing so awesome on Piano. And Kelly has a mini recital I think this Wednesday in her singing class. I am now on my third book in the Twilight series. And Erin of course is working like crazy, but is also managing to surprise with more of his fantastic magic tricks. He's so much fun at parties.

Well, just wanted to say hello to everyone and let you know that we love you all, and you are always in our hearts. Even though we don't see much of anyone anymore and everyone's lives are filled up with their own wonderful stories, we just want you to know that we love you and want you all to have a beautiful end of year and wonderful New Year.

Happy Holidays

Love Kimi

3 November 2006

Thank you! Thank you for supporting my journey. Thank you for supporting the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund. Thank you for recognizing that the fight against breast cancer continues. Thank you for your donation -- your gift will help save lives. You can read more about the Breast Cancer 3-Day and the efforts your donation goes to support at www.The3Day.org.

I have made my financial goal, and I will be completing my last training walk tomorrow 11/04/06. If any of you are interested in attending closing ceremonies next Sunday please visit the www.the3day.org website for San diego, and go to information. There will be information for Petco park, where we end, and also cheering sections along the way. If any of you are interested in finding me, please call my husband Erin @ 619-977-0703, the day of the event. I will be in contact with him. If you have any questions before hand, please call me at 760-471-4098 or email me at kimscastle@cox.net Thank you all so much. This has been an incredible journey.

I'll be keeping all of my donors in mind, and in my heart, as I walk 60 miles for the Breast Cancer 3-Day. Without your generosity, none of this would be possible.

As for other stuff, Kelly's arm is still in the cast and will be for another 3 weeks or more. She is doing great. We are also back from our trip to Yosemite, and will hope to get stuff posted on www.rapples.com soon. Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Fall.


Witt Family update July 3rd, 2006

I am just going to recap this new, halfway-over year.

We brought in the new with a mild New Year's Eve celebration, with the Lynches and the Mendoza's at our home. We then got everything re-organized and settled after the busy holiday season. We took the kids to see their first Cirque de Sole in Del Mar, which they just were so amazed. Erin tested the water with the furniture business and I learned just a little bit more how amazing my wonderful husband is. He is the BEST!

March came by pretty fast. I think the stress of preparing for Paul's surgery made January and February fly by. Toshi turned 12 years old on the 4th. Paul had his last Hypospadia Cordee Surgery on Saint Patricks day March 17th. We had to redo the surgery because the one he had when he was one, the stiches didn't heal right, so the doctor went back to correct, and also check his bladder with a camera scope to make sure he wasn't having any type of problems in there. The pictures that came out of surgery from the doctor were amazing. He was very happy with the success of the surgery and what he saw inside. As a mom, it was pretty hard watching the nurse take your now speaking child away from you for something so unpleasant. Paul was awesome, he looked at Erin and me with this look of confidence and he knew that he would be ok. As for Erin and I, we were not doing so well. The people in the waiting room were a little on the scary side, almost called child protection services on one lady, and the wait seemed forever. We were also nervous about recovery. Last time, the recovery room was pretty bad. Most of the kids coming out of anesthesia were crying a lot, and a lot to handle. I thought this might happen with us because of Paul being so much older. But to my surprise, they had a hard time waking him. His Anestetics wore off at about his usual nap time, and so he just stayed asleep. We finally started to wake him so that we could get him up before they transfered us to the bigger overnight hospital. He was very drugged up and his lips were chapped from all the breathing stuff. He quickly came around when he got to eat his cherry popsicle and welcome his new dragon stuffed toy from Mom and Dad. He even got to hear Oma from the cell phone, while he watched Peter Pan, one of his favorite movies. That night, Paul was back to normal. He was trying to do belly flops with Kelly on our bed. We were trying to keep him down to not break those stitches. Pretty dang tough. We were now ready to get him Potty trained, which took less than a week. Erin and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. We had a nice Brunch and got new patio furniture for yes, our new backyard. Our Neighbor from Copper Court did all of our Landscaping. It's just wonderful out there.

Paul's Harry Potter Birthday Party was a great success for his third Birthday, and a visit from Uncle Slade, Auntie Kelli and the Hankster was so much fun. We sure miss them and love them lots.

Easter was here, and the kids had so much to do. Kelly went back stage at the Pantages Theatre with Oma and Opa, and saw Cat's the Musical. Paul went with me and Erin to the Pirate Dinner Show in Buena Park. We sat in the front row, and my little Pirate had a wonderful time, cheering, waving his drink mug, and enjoying his dinner. We were with the Blue Pirate.

The next day was the start of Kelly's Spring break, which we enjoyed in San Diego, acting like we were tourists in the best city. Kelly and Paul learned buses, taxi cabs, and even buildings where they went to the top of the NBC building and overlooked downtown and the harbor, they visited the zoo, the wild animal park and the butterfly exhibit. We snuck in a trip to Disneyland for extra fun and got our passes for Sea World.

May came, and we went back to Sea World for Tony Mendoza's 3rd Birthday. We lunched with Shamu. The kids just loved it. There was our table, a plexi glass wall and Shamu's tank. There was this ledge that he would come belly flop on right next to us. It was incredible, being that close to a killer whale. The kids were going crazy with excitement.

Mothers day came which was pretty scary for Erin. He came down with Pneumonia. I think he is still coughing up stuff from that illness. I still don't think he looked as bad as he did when he passed that Kidney stone at Christmas.

I believe sickness gets the best of this over worked man, he just opened another store in Victoria Gardens, which makes two in Rancho Cucamonga.

I have decided to do the Breast Cancer 3 day walk in November, www.the3day.org/sandiego06/kimster1 and my official training started in May. I'm at week 20 and I'm loving the progression that I am doing. 6-miles a day, wow. Watch out, here I come. Memorial day ended the month with our first family camp out up in Idlywild. We camped one night to see how the kids would do. Now we have planned our trip to Yosemite in October. These kids are happy campers.

June came, and we were so busy again. Kelly finished her year of Preschool. She learned how to read, and write, and do math problems. She just loves to learn. Paul had several one day lessons at the Wild Animal Park learning about different animals. The kids had a great time making things for Daddy for Father's day. Erin and I went on a small trip to Las Vegas for my birthday and our 15 year Anniversary of being together. The kids stayed the first day for the first time with Grandpa Glenn and Grandma Margie and their dog Uncle Bronson. They were spoiled with lots of sugar and a great treasure hunt in Grandpa's backyard. Oma came to pick them up, and well, lots more spoiling of course from Oma and Opa. They took the kids to the beach to collect shells. So if anyone needs some shells, WE HAVE SOME. And they are clean too. Kelly and Paul cleaned all of them.

Erin and I went to Vegas by car, and had a great drive in the Hybrid. Only filled up the tank once for the whole trip. We stayed at the Venetian. We had so much fun just relaxing and getting acquainted with each other again. We enjoyed the pool for a change, worked out at the spa, saw "O" at the Belagio, ate at Picaso's at the Belagio. Watched a movie too. We drove back home late Sunday night, and stayed with mom and dad for a few days. Monday we went to Disneyland to ride rides and enjoy the day. Kelly got to get all done up like a Princess at Libby Lou's. She had her makeup done, nails, and hair up with curls and a princess crown. She was ready to go out that night. We went to see my niece Catherine's last singing performance at the elementary school, Ramona Elementary. Isn't that funny how Erin and I both went there for elementary school. The kids really liked the performance. Paul really liked when they were singing rave music. He was dancing in my lap, laughing and screaming.

Tuesday morning we awoke to my Birthday cake with the kids, and then off to San Diego to see our pets. We stopped to see "Cars" at the movie theater, and then home to unpack and unwind. The last few weeks of June were wrapped up with lots of trips to the Beach with Julie and Kira, pool fun at the Mendoza's and even in our little patio. The kids love their new pool this year, so do Erin and I. We all fit, and Kelly is starting to remember all of her lessons from swim class last year. Kelly started Hula Dance Lessons, and I think my Grandmother's spirit is in the room, because Kelly is such a natural after only two lessons. The other kids have done it for over a month now, and we got Kelly in. She dances like she has never missed a day. She just loves it. I'm real happy for her. Last week the kids were in Sports camp. 5 days, 9 to 12, learning soccer, basketball, field hockey, tee ball, football, and obstacle courses. They loved tee ball the best and basket ball. They even had a water day with a squirt gun water tag sport. They participated, even Paul. He was the youngest and smallest. His little legs were so cute running the bases. The other kids were mostly 4 and 5 and 6. Kelly was one of the 2 girls that were on this 13 person team. The last day they got awards for their camp. Paul told his coaches that he loved his trophy and that he would put it in a special place at home, on his dresser. So CUTE!!! Kelly couldn't wait to show Daddy. That afternoon, we headed up to Great Grandpa's pond to help clean up and play before we see the family on the fourth of July. ME and the kids were driving to meet Erin at Rancho California road. He was coming from Rancho Cucamonga. The kids and I got into a freeway closure due to a fire in Rainbow. They closed the freeway to get the fire under control that was trying to jump over the freeway. They finally let 2 lanes go thru, and the kids got to see the planes swoop down to drop water and the fire retardant on the flames and hot spots. They were pretty excited, I was a little scared. We met Erin at Rancho California Road, which he had just made it to due to the freeway closure on his side. Neither of us had to wait for the another. We drove to the pond, and had a wonderful time with Great Grandpa.

We look forward for what the rest of the year brings us. More travel, new schools, new babies like the much anticipated Baby Girl Witt/Kane. Kelly is waiting for her Birthday of course. Chim Chim is looking forward to her 12th birthday on September 10th, and Friday can't wait for September 19th for her 11th Birthday.

We love you very much,

A.K.A. The Witt's
Erin, Kim, Kelly and Paul