First day of school - 1

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First day of 7th grade

First day of 7th grade. Last year at the elementary school. Big guy on campus.

Paul and Cole are best buddies since they met in Kindergarden together. Now they have the same 5th grade teacher too. Mrs. Cali, Kelly had her for fifth. Paul and Cole ended up wearing the same shirt today, weird..

The Eagle was out today.

Cole, David and Paul

This is Kelly begging me not to take a picture of her out the window . She has a very full schedule this year. Zero period science, and two elective. Concert band and art. She has to be at school by 7. No traffic at all. I make it back in time to wake Paul, walk him to school, then extend my walk got the morning. It's going to be a great year. Only 4 more first day of school drop offs for me. We figure that her senior year she will drive herself. Where did the time go.